Smart Vehicle Telematics Platform

Smart Vehicle Telematics Platform

Enabling PPMx, CBM+ and Robotics Onboard Hub

BEARS works in concert with existing systems. Or, as a stand-alone solution. BEARS offers key enabling parts or an integrated platform including hardware, sensors, software, telematics, cloud, information systems integration, dashboards, and cybersecurity.

BEARS offers several EDGE computing platforms. Ranging from high performance, state-of-the-art image processing for robotic vehicles and AI development to lower cost/high performance for managing large fleets.

Telematics is powerful. An integrated network of satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi are managed to provide extreme bandwidth efficiency, operating stealth, and zero cognitive load for the warfighter.

APIs from industry, academia, and government can be up-integrated. BEARS offers validation-as-a-service (VaaS) to ensure functional performance and integrity.

APIs from industry, academia, and government can be up-integrated into the platform. BEARS offers validation as a service to all to ensure system security.

Smart Sensors for Smart Vehicles

Blast Sensors

BEARS (Blast Event Analysis and Recording System) has been used on vehicles in combat and on hundreds of blast tests to record the effects from blast and shockwave on military vehicles.  The rugged sensors can be used over and over again. The bolt-on-and-go design requires no field engineering support. The accuracy is well-documented. Sensors come with blast analysis software.  Additional support is available

A synch-link allows multiple sensors to trigger simultaneously. Sensor links to CAN and EDGE to record and transmit alerts

Other BEARS smart sensors: Roll-over alert, Shockwave, Warfighter Exposure, Vehicle Dynamics.

Linked to Industry Advances

Smart Hub for Autonomy

BEARS EDGE platform with telematics is powerful. Predictive Analytics, image processing, sensor fusion, mission optimization. All these capabilities are necessary for robotic vehicles.

The affordable strategy for government and the military is to hitch a ride on the investment of industry in autonomous vehicles – and to avoid the costly over-reach of a not-invented-here approach from inside the military-industrial complex. Billions have been invested by industry. They are in the lead.

Cybersecurity is as important to industry as to the military. Maybe more so. The cost and risks of autonomy are existential to industry. These are big bets by real players with everything at stake. Frankly, the cybersecurity of industry may have lessons to share.

BEARS is moving step-by-step with the most advanced automotive and transportation technology in the world. Powerful. Scalable. Secure. Leveraging the pace and investment of industry.

Advancing the State-of-the-art

Stealth & Cybersecurity

BEARS has an advanced approach to cyber security that meets and exceeds the highest standards. Presentation and discussion will be provided to a qualified audience in the proper security setting.